Electromagnetic Shielding of Impulse Magnetic Fields Using Thin-Walled Shells

O. Skoblikov
R&D Institute "Molniya"
National Technical University
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Aiming at meeting novel customers\' requirements many companies worldwide design and produce new aircrafts for public, cargo and other special transportations. In order to be legally exploited, a flying machine has to fulfill a number of different, foremost safety, requirements.

One of such demands is EMC of the on-board electrical and electronic systems, namely the stability of the equipment against external electromagnetic influences: powerful impulse electromagnetic fields, caused by lightning, and high-intensive radiated fields, created by powerful ground transmitters. The countermeasures are the equipment covers and the aircraft shell which act as thin-walled screens with structural inhomogeneities. Their protective features, however, are the subject of degradation and therefore should be recurrently certified. The novel automated method is being developed.