The Electrochemical Family is Extended

Phil Kinnane April 30, 2012
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We’re increasing the electrochemical family of products with the next version of COMSOL. Joining the Batteries & Fuel Cells and Electrodeposition Modules will be the Corrosion Module. This will allow for the modeling of all types of electrochemical corrosion (galvanic, pitting, etc.) as well as corrosion protection. This has been an exciting development and is the response to a number of COMSOL users who have requested it.

Corrosion model now part of the electrochemical family in COMSOL Multiphysics

The above image shows the type of modeling that can be done. A magnesium alloy and mild steel are connected in a salt water environment. As all high-school scientists know, the connection of different metals like this usually leads to corrosion. What is seen is the corrosion of the magnesium alloy over time. The model takes into account the change in the geometry as a result of this corrosion, and the corroding current density (streamlines) changes as a result of this.


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