Resources for Those Interested in Cluster Modeling

Phil Kinnane February 17, 2012
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The blog post I wrote about Intel’s Concurrency Test produced some traffic, so I thought I would follow it up with some resources we have to support our users interested in modeling with clusters. First, I noticed a hugely popular thread in our Discussion Forum, with almost 11,000 views on the subject.

Jim Freels, who is a COMSOL user from Oak Ridge National Labs, gives some great comments there. They are really testing COMSOL’s abilities on a large cluster at Oak Ridge National Labs.

Guide to Running COMSOL on Clusters

Our general guide for running COMSOL in parallel on clusters can be seen here. A great resource is the whitepaper written by one of our most active certified consultants, Konrad Juethner, who looks at doing this with Microsoft’s HPC 2008. You can access that here.

HPC Whitepaper


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