RFID: Small Devices that are becoming Big

Phil Kinnane February 27, 2012
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While thinking about the blog post I published previously, about the hemisphere spiral antenna, I came across this article about RFIDs. Radio Frequency Identifications are small, inexpensive chips, which use RF to send stored information while being fixed to almost any gadget or personal effect.

Modeling RFID Antenna with COMSOL Multiphysics

Model of an RFID

We have a model of an RFID, and what is visible in the picture is actually the two reader antennas. An RFID is not only the little chip, spoken about in the article, but it’s also these much larger reader antennas. An important simulation result for an RFID is to calculate the mutual inductance between the reader and transponder antennas, which is done in this example.


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