Coupled Mechanical/Piezoelectric/Quantum Simulation of Strained Semiconductor InAs Quantum Dots (QD) Emitting at Long Wavelength

J. Even1, F. Doré1, C. Cornet1, L. Pedesseau1, A. Schliwa2, and D. Bimberg2
1FOTON/INSA, CNRS, Rennes, France
2Institut für Festkörperphysik, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany

The eight-band k.p model of strained zincblende crystals has been extensively used to describe the electronic structure of III-V semiconductor nanostructures.

in the present work, we propose to extend these approaches in order to provide a fast and easy method to evaluate the electronic spectra of narrow-gap semiconductor Quantum Dots.

A complete 2D axi-symmetric model is proposed for the simulation of the electronic, mechanical and first and second order piezoelectric properties of narrow-gap, strained, semiconductor quantum nanostructures emitting at long wavelength.

Comparisons with complete 3D results obtained at TUB are also given.