Specialist: Computational Electromagnetics

COMSOL is seeking a specialist in computational electromagnetics to strengthen the development team in Stockholm. The primary responsibility of this position is to enhance the capability of the RF Module and the Wave Optics Module, add-on products to COMSOL Multiphysics®. In this position you will identify, design, create, and document key features and methods for modeling and design of devices in high frequency electromagnetics. You will work in close collaboration with our teams for numerical analysis, geometry and mesh with a focus on performance and stability.


  • Several years of combined academic and professional experience applied in computational electromagnetics.
  • A deep understanding of Maxwell’s equations and associated computational methods for device design in RF and microwave engineering and optics.
  • Solid background in electromagnetics and related physics.
  • Self-motivated, capable of independent work with strong initiative, good judgement, and meticulous record keeping habits.
  • Good teamwork and presentation skills.
  • Very good technical-writing skills.

Meriting Skills and Experiences

  • Experience with numerical methods and numerical analysis for EM field computations.
  • Experience with RF, microwaves, and mmWave circuit simulation and design.
  • Experience with EM scattering and stealth technology.
  • Experience with the simulation of optical or optoelectronic devices.
  • Experience with RF MEMS simulations.
  • Familiarity with COMSOL Multiphysics®.


  • A challenging opportunity to expand your knowledge in a wide variety of physics application areas and to work on problems spanning multiple engineering fields.
  • Highly creative and qualified teams with a diversity of experience.
  • Great career opportunities at a fast-paced, high-tech software company.


COMSOL is the leading innovator of multiphysics simulation software. Our products are continuously pushing the boundaries of computer aided engineering and what it means to be simulation software. The COMSOL product family gives our users the ability to solve even the most sophisticated and challenging problems. Because we believe in presenting our platform in a manner that is both intuitive and flexible, it is natural and easy for these solutions to reach all stages of research and development, improving discovery and the bottom line. We are creating the tools that drive new breakthroughs in physics and engineering, and we love what we do.


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Reference REF-6921
役職名 Specialist: Computational Electromagnetics
勤務地 Stockholm, Sweden

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