COMSOL Quality Policy

COMSOL strives to be the premier developer and provider of scientific simulation software for engineers and scientists in leading technical enterprises, research labs, and universities. We encourage our staff to provide continual innovation and improvements to our products and services through maintaining a corporate culture that is inventive and cutting-edge.

Based on the latest and preeminent technology and research, we use best practices in software development to provide robust and intuitive simulation technology. Code development is based on thorough software specifications and coding standards, where the coding goes through extensive reviews.

Careful Verification and Validation of functionality in our products are achieved through extensive manual and automatic testing. Verification checks whether the software correctly solves the selected mathematical equations and the accuracy with which those equations are solved. Validation checks how well simulation results compare with what happens in the real world. As part of our continuous automatic testing program, we maintain a library of hundreds of documented model examples that are tested against the latest version of the software, including benchmark problems from ASME and NAFEMS, and TEAM problems. We require that these tests consistently provide accurate solutions when compared against analytical results and established benchmark data. These examples and their documentation are available from COMSOL from within the software and on the web. To access the COMSOL Verification and Validation models, please follow this link:

The compatibility of the COMSOL products with supported operating systems, processors and graphics cards is also extensively tested. All said, we run

  • approximately 260,000 automated tests every day,
  • approximately 540,000 tests every weekend, ranging from user interface tests to solver tests
  • with approximately 1600 models every day and 2700 every weekend.

Any deviations from the benchmark regarding results and performance are reported as bugs. COMSOL does not release software that has any known bugs impacting stability or known bugs having a demonstrated negative impact on performance.

At COMSOL, quality is an integral part of the corporate culture. This focus extends to:

  • Prompt and accurate technical support, which triggers a streamlined process for treating reported bugs, feature requests, and customer feedback, when such is reported. The goal of our technical support team is to respond to all queries within 48 hours. Bugs reported by users will be fixed at the first opportunity. We launch one major release per year and about four minor updates, if needed, to address such bugs.

  • Robust and extensive pre- and post-sales training programs, online training resources, as well as conferences and other events that promote the dissemination of best practices.

Each year, in the broadest variety of engineering and scientific peer-reviewed journals, thousands of our customers publish papers that positively compare their COMSOL-obtained simulation results to analytical results, experimental data, and independently-derived simulated benchmarks. Their work attests to the quality of our products and services.

A more in-depth discussion of COMSOL’s quality processes with a representative from COMSOL’s management can be provided upon request.

Simulation software is not intended to be a substitute for whatever safety or efficacy testing may be necessary or appropriate for any product or process and should not be relied upon as a substitute for such safety or efficacy testing. Use of COMSOL products is subject to the COMSOL Software License Agreement.

Last revision date: November 7, 2023