COMSOL News - Special Edition Acoustics

This special edition of COMSOL News celebrates designers, engineers, and researchers working in the field of acoustics. See how they benefit from using the high-fidelity modeling tools in COMSOL Multiphysics® to create innovative products under tight deadlines and customer demands. In addition, read about how today’s simulation specialists are expanding the reach of multiphysics simulation to colleagues and customers through the use of simulation apps and the COMSOL Server™ product.

Topics include:

  • Acoustics simulation
  • Virtual product development
  • High-precision microphones
  • Combustion instability
  • NVH performance
  • Transformer hum
  • Multibody-acoustics interaction
  • Acoustic cloaking
  • Infrasound-induced vibrations
  • Feedback reduction
  • Noninvasive acoustic technology
  • High-precision transducers
  • Guest editorial on computational acoustics

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