Optimizing the Performance of MEMS Electrostatic Comb-Drive Actuator with different Flexure Springs

S. Gupta[1], T. Pahwa[1], R. Bansal[1], V. Bansal[1], B. Prasad[1], D. Kumar[1]
[1]Electronic Science Department Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana
Published in 2012

A new design of electrostatic comb drive actuator is presented in this paper by using different spring designs and with different folded beam lengths. An increased displacement of lateral comb drive actuator will subsequently be accomplished with the same actuation voltage. Stress distribution over different spring designs are simulated by COMSOL 3.5a using a standard comb drive with 4 movable comb fingers and device displacement could reach up to maximum of 2.85µm at a constant driving voltage of 130V. With increase in flexure length from 220?m to 280?m, displacement and capacitance increases from 1.063?m to 2.85?m and 327pf to 352pf respectively at 130V.