Creating 2D Models from Cross Sections of 3D Geometries

Duration: 4:23

COMSOL Multiphysics has a great feature for creating 2D models from cross sections of 3D geometries. 3D models can have long solution times and take up lots of computer memory. This feature has been added to the software so that 2D models can be created from 3D symmetric or axisymmetric models to solve much quicker. They can also be created to assist in parts of a 3D model to investigate modeling strategies, as well as certain results and parameters. This video shows the simple process of creating a Work Plane in a 3D model, adding a 2D model, and using the cross section created by the Work Plane as the 2D geometry. The same materials and physics are used to run the model in 2D and the results are compared with the results from the 3D model.

After watching the video, you can try out this feature on your own models, or visit our model gallery to download the Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger model to follow along to.