Lithium Battery Pack Designer

Application ID: 89831

This app demonstrates the following:

  • Dynamic help system using card stacks
  • Multiple components (1D and 3D) in a single app
  • Toggle buttons in the ribbon for showing different input, hiding/showing geometry selections, and for dynamic help
  • Geometry parts and parameterized geometries
  • Importing experimental data
  • Options for creating different mesh sizes
  • Resetting a portion of the input parameters or all
  • Generating a results table during the app session
  • Exporting results to a text file or to Microsoft® Excel if a license of LiveLink™ for Excel® is available.
  • Sliders and buttons to control the time step to plot
  • Visualizing results with animations
  • Custom window icons.

It is a tool for investigating the dynamic voltage and thermal behavior of a battery pack, using load cycle and SOC vs OCV dependence experimental data.

Parameter estimation of various parameters such as the ohmic overpotential, the diffusion time constant, and the dimensionless exchange current can be performed by the app. The app may then be used to compute a battery pack temperature profile based on the thermal mass and generated heat associated with the voltage losses of the battery.

Various battery pack design parameters (packing type, number of batteries, configuration, geometry), battery material properties, and operating conditions can be varied.

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