Intertek Semko AB

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Intertek Semko AB

Torshamnsgatan 43
SE-164 40 Kista
Tel: +46 8 750 00 00

Contact persons

Dr. Andreas NYMAN

They can be reached at:

Intertek is a global provider of quality and safety solutions, including testing and expert advisory services in the field of batteries and fuel cells. With more than 50 years of experience in evaluating battery and fuel cell technologies, we are recognized for our uncompromising independence and client confidentiality, world-class testing facilities, and well-founded application advice. Intertek assesses more than 20,000 batteries each year, covering all chemistries and sizes. Through our experience, we have developed a deep understanding of special operating conditions across a wide range of end-use applications.

Modeling Expertise

Mathematical modeling is an important complement to our testing services. Our modeling expertise and experience covers batteries, fuel cells, and electrolytic processes. For a manufacturer, modeling makes it possible to improve the design of electrochemical cells and systems, as well as understand possible limitations of existing designs. Through mathematical modeling, an application expert can simulate performance characteristics during different operating conditions and thereby accelerate an understanding of the new electrochemical system in relation to specific application requirements.

Areas of Specialization

We have strong academic credentials in fundamental and applied electrochemistry and material chemistry. Examples of our modeling and simulation expertise are:

  • Potential and current distribution modeling
  • SoC modeling
  • Thermal analysis and failure mode modeling

We perform projects within the areas of:

  • Battery modeling
  • Fuel Cell modeling
  • Modeling of electrolytic processes

Industries We Serve

Our typical clients include battery, fuel cell and electrolytic process equipment manufacturers as well as applications experts in the consumer, medical, automotive, defense or electrolytic process industry.