Keynote: State-of-the-Art Loudspeaker Simulation Including Shape and Topology Optimization

Duration: 14:48

In a keynote talk at COMSOL Day: Acoustics, René Christensen of Acculution discusses loudspeaker simulation and shares examples from his own work. He begins with an overview of how simulation is used for loudspeaker analysis, and then he shows how parameter, shape, and topology optimization can be added to the design process. The talk concludes with a look ahead at the future of loudspeaker simulation.

René Christensen has been working with vibroacoustics simulations in the loudspeaker and hearing aid industry for years, and is now a self-employed consultant in this field. René holds a PhD in microacoustics done together with Oticon. For the last 5 years, he has worked extensively with shape and topology for a variety of applications.

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