Platform: All Platforms Applies to: COMSOL Model Manager Versions: 6.0

Problem Description

When saving a model loaded from a Model Manager database, an error dialog is shown:

Failed to save to database. / Failed to export data from database during save.

This is probably due to a lost connection to the database from which the model was opened. If the model is saved as a recovery, the model can be opened and resaved when the connection to the database is restored.


When you open a model from a database, binary data such as meshes, geometries, solutions, and result plots are only loaded on-demand. This reduces, for example, unnecessary bandwidth usage when connected to a server database via a Model Manager server.

If you experience network connection issues when COMSOL Multiphysics needs to load binary data from the database, you will be asked to save any ongoing modeling work as a recovery on the file system. The model can be opened from recovery once the network connection is reestablished