Computation of losses in a three-phase power transformer

Application ID: 54471

Electromagnetic analysis of a 400kVA, 15kV/400V three-phase power transformer with Y-d connection and multiple primary and secondary coils with hundreds of turns. The model features the standard open- and short-circuit test in 2Daxi and 3D simulations to estimate electrical quantities and losses. The simulation allows to separately compute the losses in coils, core, and carpentry: isolating the individual contributions is fundamental to highlight the most critical part of the design.

  • 3D model: computes the losses in the core and in carpentry. Coils are modeled as homogenized multi-turn.

  • 2Daxi model: computes resistive losses on coils, where the 693/32 turns are modeled individually as Single Conductors to resolve inhomogeneous currents and losses in each turn. The geometry is derived from the 3D model and sized to match the magnetic flux in the core.

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