Protein Adsorption

Application ID: 1397

Ion-exchange is a powerful method to separate proteins from solutions and is today readily used in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry.

This model simulates an ion-exchange column for protein adsorption. The fluid phase contains four components: two proteins, solvent, and one salt. The adsorption/desorption kinetics is described by two equilibrium reactions where proteins displace ions adsorbed at the surface and vice versa.

The example highlights how reactions at chemical equilibrium can be studied in a 0D reactor system in Reaction Engineering. In addition, it also shows how the kinetics from the 0D setup is exported to a 3D model where the reacting surface in the column can be studied in detail. The 3D model incorporates mass transport through diffusion and convection, and the reactions at the surface of the ion-exchange mass with Transport of Diluted Species, Free and Porous Media Flow, and Surface Reactions interfaces.

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