Shaft Vibration due to Gear Rattle and Bearing Misalignment

Application ID: 78291

In a gearbox, vibrations due to gear rattling and bearing misalignment are well known sources of noise. In this example, two shafts connected through a pair of gears are considered. The shafts are supported on roller bearings at their ends. Initially, the driven shaft is unloaded and the driver shaft rotates with a varying speed. Due to backlash, intermittent tooth meshing causes vibrations in the shafts. After some time, a resisting torque is applied to the driven shaft, making the tooth meshing smooth. In order to analyze the effect of bearing misalignment on rotor vibrations, a time-dependent analysis is performed for two cases. In the first case, all bearings are aligned with the shafts, and in the second, one of the bearings (number 2) has a small angular misalignment.

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