Nonlinear Magnetostrictive Transducer

Application ID: 6063

Magnetostrictive transduction is used in sonars, acoustic devices, active vibration, and position control and fuel injection systems.

The transducer has a steel housing enclosing a drive coil. A magnetostrictive material is placed in the core, which works as an actuator when a magnetic field is produced by passing a current through the drive coil.

Magnetostrictive material exhibits free strain under the influence of magnetic field. In this 2D axisymmetric model, the nonlinear relationship between magnetostriction and magnetic field is implemented using a nonlinear constitutive relationship. A nonlinear B-H curve has also been used to reflect a realistic magnetic behavior. Interaction between the magnetostrictive material with a transducer made of magnetic steel is also modeled.

Magnetostriction also depends on the stress in the magnetostrictive material. This model considers the case when the material is sufficiently prestressed so as to obtain the maximum magnetostriction. This model can be used for the case when the material is under an isostress condition. For modeling the behavior under any particular stress state, an appropriate B-H curve for the material obtained under the given stress will have to be used.

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